The south ditch stone of Chinese slate

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  •  Commemorating Mao Zedong's Yanan speech 70th anniversary

    Commemorating Mao Zedong's Yanan speech 70th anniversary, the Group Chairman and the characteristic actor took a photo of the older generation of revolutionaries....
     52 2018-03-01
  •  Canton Fair

    The chairman of Nan Gou group led the company to participate in the Canton Fair, and the company displayed many kinds of stone and received good praise from the friends of the meeting....
     102 2018-03-01
  •  Malaysia, Indonesia

    Malaysia, Indonesia, the chairman of the group visited Malaysia, Indonesia....
     122 2018-03-01
  •  Italy Exhibition

    The chairman of Nan Gou group led the company to participate in the Italy exhibition, showing many kinds of stone, which is widely praised by the world...
     177 2018-03-01
  •  The stone industry is out of the "Chinese famous brand"

    The list of "China famous brand" products has been released in 2007, but what surprised the whole society is that three "decorative stone" enterprises in China were excluded from the "China brand" catalog at the last moment. Previously, three stone enterprises have been listed in the first selected l...
     111 2018-02-20
  •  Carry forward the stone culture to create the stone brand

    Congratulations on the grand convening of the Sixth China (Huian) International Stone Sculpture Expo When you from the Shen Hai expressway exit Huian into Huian, along both sides of Hui Huang, huichong Road, greeted the more than 1000 pieces of different sizes and shapes, different materials of the s...
     152 2018-02-20
  •   Decoration stone - Tongji classic decoration

    Now, more and more home decoration will be used in the stone, most owners have no choice because they do not understand the product. Therefore, "Tongji classic decoration" summing up many years of decoration, material selection experience, let owners know the performance of various stones: Marble: co...
     55 2018-02-20
  •  Yunfu city - the capital of man-made stone in China

    The fourth China (Yunfu) International Stone science and technology exhibition opened yesterday morning, the deputy governor of Guangdong Province, Tong Xing attended the exhibition and addressed the exhibition. At the opening ceremony, Yunfu was awarded the title of "China's man-made stone capital" ...
     132 2018-02-20
  •  Huian - Chinese stone are a series of New Stone Exhibition

    Huian carving art has a long history, originated in the the Yellow River river basin north into the Central Plains culture, sculpture, Fujian culture, marine culture, the essence of Ji Jin and Tang legacy, charm, style of song and Yuan Dynasties of Ming and Qing Dynasties, gradually transformed into ...
     167 2018-02-20
  •  Yunfu international exhibition to create "marble" brand

    The day before, by the Chinese Council for the promotion of international trade Guangdong branch hosted the fourth China (Yunfu) International Stone Technology Exhibition "ended in Yunfu international stone city new exhibition center. It is reported that the world stone exhibition, has become the cit...
     61 2018-02-20

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