The south ditch stone of Chinese slate

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  •   The stone industry is out of the "Chinese famous brand"

    The list of "China famous brand" products has been released in 2007, but what surprised the whole society is that three "decorative stone" enterprises in China were excluded from the "China brand" catalog at the last moment. Previously, three stone enterprises have been listed in the first selected l...
     55 2018-02-21
  •   Hebei Nan Gou Mining Group

    Hebei south ditch mining group now has assets of 300 million yuan, the staff more than 1000 people; the South has 4 iron ore mining area (black granite), rock plate mine (south ditch black) 2, the existing subsidiary of 10, in the preparation and construction of 5 subsidiaries, approved annual produc...
     119 2018-02-21
  •  Hengxin stone factory, Lincheng County, Hebei

    Hengxin stone factory, Lincheng, Hebei, was founded in 1998. It is a professional manufacturer of cultural stones. Its main products include quartz, sandstone, mushroom stone, flat stone, stone paste, classical stone, chaotic shape, cultural stone and so on. Located in Beijing Shenzhen Expressway 40 ...
     99 2018-02-21
  •  Hebei province Lincheng Xinlei stone factory

    Xinlei stone industry was founded in 2000, is a mining, processing and sales as one of the slate of professional enterprises. The main products are sub board, fire board, cultural stone mosaic, natural slate, mining in stone deposit, hundreds of millions of years to form quality hard, bright color, t...
     189 2018-02-21

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