The south ditch stone of Chinese slate

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Lincheng County, Hebei province is located in the Shandong foot of Taihang, 78 kilometers from Shijiazhuang to the capital of the provincial capital, with a total area of 797 square kilometers, about 200 thousand people.

Lincheng county is rich in resources, and there are 27 kinds of mineral resources, such as granite, slate, coal and gypsum. The slate is the dominant mineral resource in the county.

Lincheng County slate storage capacity of about 2000000000 cubic meters, the existing large slate mine, the main varieties are: Lincheng green (green quartz), Lincheng black (Hei Shiying), Lincheng (Hui Shiying) Lincheng yellow, gray, black and white (Zhi Mahuang) Lincheng (black and white), Lincheng white sand (Bai Shayan) more than 30.

Lincheng slate product has the largest storage capacity, the largest variety and the best quality. It is rich in mica material, especially expensive. It is pollution-free and green. Especially Lincheng green is a unique variety of the world, especially precious, Lincheng yellow and Lincheng black and white reserves are huge.

In recent years, the county and county government of Lincheng, based on local resources, vigorously developed the slate industry, introduced a series of supporting policies to guide the development of the slate industry. At present, the county has a slate of more than 700 processing enterprises, 12 scale enterprises, mainly include: mushroom plate, plate, special-shaped board, fire board, culture stone, stone, natural stone net paste, sculpture and other eight series, various types of product specifications complete, on board processing of more than 40 thousand square meters, the annual sales income of more than 400 million yuan. In addition to Tibet, Taiwan and other places in the country, there are Lincheng's stone agents, which have become the largest slate distribution area in the Taihang Mountains. Has registered the "belong" and "Chinese rock" and other trademarks, products are sold to the "Yangtze River Delta", "Pearl River Delta" coastal city and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Europe and the United States, production and sales in a large proportion of the country, enjoy a certain reputation.

Lincheng county is rich in resources, convenient transportation and preferential policy. The people of Lincheng are diligent and simple, good faith, and welcome the presence of people of insight both at home and abroad.

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